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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Mother's Day is just around the corner and I've been dreaming up some gorgeous gifts for ya'll! I hope you will find some great ideas on here for your mom (or to send to your hubby for you!).
  • Mudroom Makeover

    I've been dying to use wallpaper in this room for years, but never really found the right thing. Then Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Home introduced wallpaper at Target and I was smitten!
  • Ambitions of a Gardening Wannabe

    I've always had a love for Charleston garden designs. I’m a sucker for lots of greenery along a pea gravel path and give me all the beautiful flowers to cut! Naturally I have to honor my southern roots and I'm always drawn to Hydrangeas, Ferns, Hosta and Peonies. You know, good southern plants. Lucky for me, Hydrangeas are one flower I'm fantastic at growing!
  • DIY Bathbombs

    The newest thing I've wanted to try is making bath bombs. I introduced my little guy to these amazing things awhile back and he's been totally obsessed with them at bath time. It's the colors and the fizzy fun that make bath time oh so much more exciting for a 3 year old. And let's admit it, what girl out there doesn't love a fizzy bath? It's starting to break the bank so it was time to figure out who to make them myself.
  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    This year I just kept coming across fun things that I just had to share with ya'll. These are just a few things that I think would make you and your people so happy to receive on Valentine's Day.